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Mobile Apps and Counter Terrorism

The number of high profile terrorist incidents around the world have left people feeling uncertain about traveling. In response to this many people are turning to the growing travel security market to ensure their safety abroad. Mobile apps are becoming a popular choice, as they are designed for personal [...]

How to stay informed during a media shutdown

After the failed coup d’état in Turkey on July 15th, Turkey’s government, and its institutions are now starting to normalize, even though the after effects are still being felt. The seriousness of this event asks many travelers and locals alike, how do you stay safe and informed [...]

There’s an app for that! Duty-of-Care and business travel

Security risks are an ever present factor when you travel. After the latest’s terror attacks in Europe many are understandably worried. Depending on where you travel natural disasters, crime and diseases are also a cause for concern, and business travelers are no exception. Still, global business travel is [...]

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Rio de Janeiro – should you be afraid to go?

In many ways the timing for hosting the Olympic Games could hardly be worse for Brazil. A multitude of security issues and concerns seems so be leading up to a perfect storm, at least according to many news outlets. The country is grappling with the Zika outbreak which has affected millions, while at the same time dealing with an economic recession. It is also in the middle of a political upheaval with the impeachment of president Dilma Rousseff, and the corruption charges levied against many politicians. Consequently, protests and demonstrations have been abundant. [...]

Terrorist attack or just bad shrimp – staying safe during a conference

Brighton 1984 – a bomb explodes in the hotel where Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and her cabinet are staying for the Conservative Party conference, five people are killed. Seattle 1999 – massive and violent demonstrations erupt at the WTO Ministerial Conference resulting in what is later dubbed “the Battle of Seattle”. Rosemont, Illinois 2014 – nineteen people are hospitalized after a chlorine gas attack at a Midwest convention. Conferences, like any other large gathering of people, constitute a security risk for participants. Thankfully most conferences pass without much more trouble than a [...]

Insurance and the promise of continuous connection

A savvy marketing director from an insurance company once told me, “Up until now, our customers basically had only two contacts with us. Once when they paid for the product and once when something bad happened. Neither occasion is notably pleasant.” “Lets keep in touch” As we see it, the most powerful enabler of extended engagement with customers is the mobile phone. Insurance companies are devising ways to engage with customers more.  They are doing this by giving customers things that are relevant and timely and can be accessed when and where it [...]

Sybille vs Starbucks: Size and InsurTech

Coffee and the smell of fresh bread It is Sunday morning and I am thinking about Sybille, Starbucks and scale. I am asking myself if small firms will be decimated by InsurTech. I am starting to believe they won’t. Let me explain by way of croissants. Sybille has the small bakery on my street.  She owns it, she runs it. She gets up at 4 AM to bake the bread and croissants that I get at 7 when she opens. She has started to serve coffee. Straight up. No cute drawings in [...]

Cool analytics vendor series/part 1: Persuasion Automation

Rhetoric is the art of discourse, an art that aims to improve the capability of writers or speakers to inform, most likely to persuade, or motivate particular audiences in specific situations. Aristotle, back in the day in ancient Greece, famously laid the foundation and popularized the Art of Rhetoric: "the faculty of observing in any given case the available means of persuasion." Little he knew though, that exactly 2,338 years later, persuasion will not only be the fundamental toolkit of politicians – there will be a new and growing tribe of digital marketers persuading potential [...]

InsurTech: hands-on

What is so stimulating about managing our project program is how mercurially a project can lead you to a place that neither you nor the client had imagined. We have been lucky to work with a creative and innovative insurance company. Just 10 years ago, this would have been an oxymoron. Today the industry is in transformation. The collaboration has pushed us both beyond the conventional client-developer relationship. It’s meant we have had to break new ground and quite frankly deliver “out of scope”. But the process has taken us into the epi-center [...]

GWS Whitepapers: Providing in-depth coverage

Counter terrorism in a mobile app

There have been many high-profile terrorist attacks around the world, leaving people feeling uncertain about traveling. On the other hand, the travel industry isn’t slowing down, which shows that people still want to travel. Per new research from WTTC, global travel and tourism continues to grow, despite the challenges the industry faces. The result, now more travelers are turning to mobile apps for their personal travel safety. Information is vital in emergency situations, and travel security apps can provide alerts in real-time. During the moments when travelers need them most. […]

How can mobile apps help travelers stay safe during a media shutdown?

Travelers are often advised to monitor local media outlets; however, what should travelers do when local media is considered not free? Safeture, a mobile app, was able to keep travelers informed during the failed coup d’état in Turkey. Users were able to avoid clashes when local media was shutdown and social media was blocked. For more information, download our white paper: Media Shutdown Whitepaper GWS Communications Manager Contact our Sales team to try Safeture Pro and our Travel Management Platform Sales at GWS [...]