Safeture Pro: Made for Travel Management

Protect your most valuable asset- your staff.

Safeture Pro is a high security, travel risk platform that is designed to keep your staff safe. With options to include travel booking data and payment options of either per month or per trip payment options; GWS works with the needs of your organization. Our comprehensive and easy to use travel security management system provides real-time risk alerts, geo-positioning, and tracking of traveling staff. Safeture was created to keep travelers safe.

We keep travelers safe, and ultimately save lives

Safeture Pro solution includes the Safeture Pro app and our Travel Management platform. The app ensures personal security for traveling employees on the move, and the corresponding platform gives your security or management teams a platform to access real-time information and data about traveling employees.

GWS provides your organization with the technology and intelligence you need to manage your travel security. We provide a travel risk service that is security minded, cost-efficient and reliable.

With our travel booking integration travel itineraries can be automatically added to our travel management tool. Login into our platform from any secure device, and see an accurate picture of where your traveling employees are and where they will be next.

Our data mining technology collects information from sources all over the world, and our in-house expert analysis works 24/7 to provided vetted security information.

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Users all over the world rely on Safeture alerts when abroad.

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