Safeture for Security

All the tools you need for travel security management.

 Global Warning System addresses the growing need to protect and communicate with traveling employees. Safeture provides a mobile based tracking, warning and communication service.

Safeture Pro, an app and management system, keeps travelers informed by providing valuable real-time information on: security threats, natural disasters, and travel delays.

The app uses patented geo-positioning technology, alongside our 24/7 analysist team to filter the global chatter, ensuring our notifications are impartial and relevant. The system also utilizes SMS service for red alerts, to safeguard our customers in times of crisis. Combined with other features designed to keep travelers aware of their surroundings, including: country information, maps for medical facilities and updated emergency numbers.

Global Warning System works with a number of security companies around the globe. Our content service provides the critical information and operational platform they need to help keep their clients safe.

We work with our customers and create solutions that help their particular needs. Within the security industry we have provided our app and management platform. We also have created branded apps with our content service, which also incorporates our patent technology.

The right alert at the right time.

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