Travel advice for airline strikes

Knowing what to do if your flight is delayed can make all the difference when traveling. A short delay is an inconvenience, but a longer delay could ruin your trip. Airline strikes can cause significant disruptions to flight services and travelers should find ways to stay informed about any possible travel delays.

Here are some tips to help you avoid problems due to unexpected airline strikes.

1. Confirm the status of your flight before traveling to the airport.

A quick phone call or a refresh of the airline app could save you an expensive trip to the airport.

2. Find out what you are entitled to before flying.

Each airline has different policies regarding delays so it is always a good idea to check if you’re flying with a new airline.

3. If you have travel insurance check the policy before flying. 

It’s easy to prepare for a situation if you have all the information you need, if you think an airline strike could affect your next trip check your travel insurance beforehand to see what you are entitled to.

4. Download the app for the airline you are traveling with. 

Most airlines have released an app that helps travelers stay up to date with flight information.

5. Download our service, Safeture.

If you want to receive real-time alerts for all types of travel delays that may encounter on your trip then try our service.

Safeture is a travel safety app that sends real-time alerts to travelers based on their current location. Our service sends alerts for natural disasters, accidents, outbreaks of disease, political unrest, crime, economic instability, and travel delays.

Safeture is a travel security app that provides travel alerts based on your current location. We send alerts and travel advice in real-time so you will always have the right information.

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