Today´s working life is very fast paced making it easy to sideline the importance of achieving peace of mind at work. Arguably, it may seem impossible to achieve peace of mind in modern day working life. At GWS we believe it is simply possible and that is why we created Safeture.

Safeture is the flagship for GWS, we aim to make the ease of doing business globally feel peaceful. We focus on providing a service that takes care of any company´s most valuable assets that is its employees. Creating peace of mind for every traveller is what we aim to do at GWS, and this is how we do it.

Let us take a woman in her late 20s as an example, we will call her Emma. Emma has a full-time job in the heart of Stockholm, engaged to Willian, an American. Emma´s job demands that she travels to South Africa frequently because she is project manager of global expansion. She also travels to Tokyo every six weeks to offer support and training to new employees in the newly opened Tokyo office. At the end of every quarter, Emma spends a week with William in LA.

At 02:00 (CET) Stockholm time, Emma receives a text message, in instant panic she calls William, he picks up they speak for 30 seconds, he is ok and so is his family. Surprisingly, he has not heard of that incident yet. She goes back to sleep, with a deep breath, her heart is at peace. For Emma, achieving peace of mind with her modern work and lifestyle is provided by her employer´s duty of care. Next day she is on a plane to South Africa she pulls out her mobile phone scrolls through South Africa´s country info, looking out for recent incidents, she smiles feeling calm, safe and adventurous like Safeture. As cheesy as it sounds, feeling Safeture is an actual thing! Try it.

Duty of care for employees especially travelling staff should be top priority for not only security, risk and safety managers, but also part of every company´s human resource plan.

If you would like to learn more about Safeture and how we can help you provide the type of peace of mind that your employees need, contact us or you can request a trial here.

Let us help you take care of your travelling employees and grow your business!

Gertrude Chilufya
GWS Communications Manager

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