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Real-time security information for your business travelers.

GWS’s content services enable your company’s security officers and management to keep employees safe. Ensure they are well informed — wherever and whenever they travel. The Safeture app and travel management platform work together to provide real-time warning and information to your staff.  Our service uses geo-positioning technology to ensure alerts are relevant. The Safeture system enables you to stay in contact with your staff and alert security in case of an emergency.


GWS services will add value to your Duty-of-Care platform


All organizations are responsible for their duty of care obligations and should take the necessary measures to ensure their employees are safe. Most security spending is spent on ensuring the building and data is safe, but what about your traveling employees?

Doing the right thing for your traveling staff means being able to account for where your people are, communicate with them about potential risks, and take the right measures to safeguard them.

Our travel security management system provides you access to expert risk advice in real-time. We keep a watch of global events to ensure peace of mind for those on the road. Our analysis team works to provide the right information for each incident while it’s unfolding. Their expert advice includes on the ground context, practical advice, as well as detailed country risk reports.

More is being asked of traveling employees, and now more can be done to help them stay safe. New security threats emerge daily all over the world. GWS reports on natural disasters, social and political conflicts, terrorism, epidemics, extreme weather, civil unrest, radiation, and fires.

Safeture’s innovative technology provides users with timely alerts, with clear advice about what to do during an incident, plus, information for security managers in real-time. The operational language is in English, and translation services are available.

Is your organization doing enough to keep your staff safe?

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