A landmark decision was made at China’s annual political sessions in March when the country’s parliament approved a proposal to abolish the 35-year rule of presidential term limits. This effectively means the current President Xi Jinping can rule for life. The abolishment of term limit was hardly surprising as there were already signs that Xi was seeking to extend his term beyond 2023, when he did not name a clear successor at the 19thParty Congress in late 2017. With stunning performance despite the sluggish global economy, the implications of such political change will be felt not only among the top echelons of the Chinese Communist Party but also its people and more importantly the rest of the world. As Xi ascended to the throne to become one of the most powerful leaders of China in recent decades, this article seeks to understand its implications and how it will further reshape the 21stcentury world order.

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GWS Analysis: China’s presidential term limit abolished

Chan Hoi Cheong
GWS Analyst
Security risk analyst based in Kuala Lumpur

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