Duty of care is today recognised as part of many companies´ policies and processes for dealing with potential risks in the workplace. This provision, however, becomes far more complicated when the workplace today is more mobile and could be anywhere in the world at a given time.

GWS, would like to ask you, how are you ensuring that you are providing the adequate duty of care for your business travellers?

We emphasise duty of care for travelling employees because we know that it is essential for the success of any company that operates globally or is looking at doing business across borders. Below are five reasons why we believe every company should prioritise duty of care for travelling employees.

  1. Employees are your most valuable assets; you probably know that already, so it´s a reminder, your staff are your most valuable asset, make a valuable investment in them.
  2. Duty of care for employees is 100% ROI, try to do the calculation or let us help you do the calculation, and you can thank us later.
  3. Risk management and risk assessment become an easier task for risk managers.
  4. Communication within the organisation or company is not only integrated openly but much more easily with a duty of care plan.
  5. Absolute peace of mind at work.

Remember that the process of providing the adequate duty of care for business travellers needs to start long before a single journey commences. Focus on what can proactively be done before a business trip. Contact us to learn more on how you can efficiently tick off the duty of care box.

Gertrude Chilufya
GWS Communications Manager

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