Global business travel is an increasingly growing market – more and more people travel for work to all corners of the world. But work trips can be stressful. As a frequent business traveller, work tends to be fast-paced, with the constant need to review your itinerary and keep to a tight schedule.

There is, however, one thing we don’t talk about when it comes to travel-related stress: travellers are also faced with increased safety risks and inconveniences when on the road. Severe weather events such as hurricanes and floods, wildfires, flight and ground traffic disruptions, violent demonstrations, and not least, terror attacks. These are some of the things that can make you uneasy when abroad, adding to the already overwhelming number of things to keep in mind while travelling.

With all of this happening, most travellers still rely on social media for security and travel information, unfortunately, reports from these channels often prove inconsistent and unreliable. When bombarded with news on a regular basis, it can be hard to make out what information you can really trust. But what if all the information you need about possible travel safety risks was compiled in one app? Even better, what if this app guaranteed to provide you with crucial travel warnings when danger or disruptions are nearby?

Here’s where Safeture Pro comes in.

Our analyst team works round-the-clock to gather only the most reliable reports of what is happening. We choose the most important information and send out detailed alerts to your smartphone only moments after an incident has occurred, telling you what’s going on, where, and what you should do to avoid getting in trouble. Safeture Pro delivers these security warnings based on your location, wherever you are in the world.

Let’s look at an example:

In early October, a mass shooting took place in Las Vegas, causing a large number of casualties and a subsequent large-scale security operation in the affected area. Following the incident, a large number of reports began emerging, including first-person accounts of the incident as well as information from local media sources. In this case, GWS acted quickly and thoroughly to confirm the reports of the incident and sent out several alerts, including information on what was happening and the widespread disruptions in the area, as well as detailed advice on how to act during a terror attack. This allowed users who found themselves in the vicinity of the shooting to remain calm in the situation and to know what to do to avoid safety risks and subsequent travel inconvenience.


No matter the nature of the incident and where you are in the world, Safeture will keep your mind at ease so that you can stress less and focus on your work. Try it today and discover how you can stay safe and informed during your business travels.



Michal Gieda
Security risk analyst and communications assistant based in Lund, Sweden


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