The news out of Texas, New York and Colorado in the past two weeks has been worrying, to say the least. New York City is one of the world´s business centres hosting headquarters of some of the world´s largest companies and organisations, meaning travelling to the city is almost inevitable for most businesses.

Within the last six months, there have been over 30 threats to international travel ranging from political unrest, civil war, demonstrations and severe weather. The advice given is to stay vigilant, avoid high profile/traffic sites when you travel abroad and do not fear. What if all these messages quietly nurture travel insecurities? Which they mostly do. How can you stay safe when travelling abroad?

As a frequent traveller or potential traveller that might be feeling insecure about travelling because of everything that has happened recently, here is how you can use our travel app to stay informed and safe during a time of insecurity:

  1. Download Safeture, it is a travel safety and security app that will send you alerts based on your current location. Our SOS service also makes it easy for you to contact or be contacted by someone you trust in case of an emergency, and to get in touch with local emergency services with one click.
  2. Check for the security overview of your next travel destination. Safeture allows you to search for specific country’s security overview, making it easy for you to prepare for your next trip. The security overview includes daily travel alerts of incidents in the country, as well as travel advice and a security risk assessment for the particular area.
  3. Look out for push notifications and SMS sent directly to your phone. Safeture sends push notifications and SMS to users within 110km radius minimum of an event. Therefore, you can enjoy your trip knowing that if anything happened, you will be notified.

Go ahead and ditch the travel insecurity, we roam have done it already, by partnering with Safeture, they enjoy travelling the world while working. Safeture is indeed a feel safe travel app. Try it now



Gertrude Chilufya
GWS Communications Manager


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