Protests can vary in scale and nature. Many protests are peaceful and carried out with minimal security oversight. But often times demonstrations can escalate and lead to unrest and violence, with clashes between protesters or with security forces. It is therefore advised to stay clear of any demonstrations as to not get caught in the clashes or be mistaken for a participant. Most protests can also cause significant disruptions to local traffic in the area, especially during marches and large-scale gatherings. Safeture offers alerts and travel advice for travelers to reduce any inconvenience when a protest is nearby.

What to do during a protest:

  • Remain aware for signs of increased tensions in your vicinity.
  • Avoid all protests and large public gatherings due to potential for escalation.
  • Be aware of the risk of traffic disruptions in your vicinity. Limit travel in the area and seek alternate routes.
  • Monitor local media outlets and the Safeture information service regularly.

Safeture is a travel security app that provides travel alerts based on your current location. We send alerts and travel advice in real-time so you will always have the right information.

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