Safeture Go: connect with your global staff

Worry free business travel.

Safeture Go is a cost efficient travel risk solution created for small organizations. Included in the service is the Safeture Pro app and the integrated GWS travel management platform. Our personal safety and early travel warning service send alerts, security notifications, and travel information to users. Safeture Go payment is per trip, perfect for organizations that travel occasionally.

Real-time alerts: vetted by our expert analysis team.

What Safeture Go means for your staff.

Use our communication tools to connect with your staff in real-time.

Ensure your staff feels safe and secure when abroad.

Our service will ensure your staff gets the right alert at the right time.

Give your staff access to local SOS response services, and alert family or colleagues with one click.

Central and local corporate teams have 24/7 instant security support and access to local information.

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