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Safeture: Keeping travelers safe

Safeture sends real-time travel security alerts when you need them. 

Safeture One is a travel security app that sends alerts for natural disasters, accidents, outbreaks of disease, political unrest, crime, economic instability, and travel delays.

We worry about travel safety, so you can enjoy your trip!

Walk me home: Walking home in an unfamiliar part of town? Send your movements to friends and family, and Let them see your real-time trail!

Push Notifications: Real-time warnings, alerts, and information about safety, security and travel plans.

Country safety and travel info: Advice reviewed by analysis, at hand, for every location.

Worldwide SOS emergency numbers: Emergency contact numbers for police, ambulance, and fire services update automatically depending on your location.

Local news wherever you are: Simple access to local news in English, and updated to where you are in the world.

Share your position: Check in and share your location with friends and family.

Try Safeture One

Safeture: sending the right alert at the right time

Send your real-time trail to friends or family

Walking home alone at night in an unfamiliar neighborhood? Alert your friends and family and give them a real-time trail of your movements. 


Interested in trying the consumer version?

Try Safeture today.


Download Safeture One
Download Safeture One

Read our case studies to learn more about Safeture One

  • Source: MONUSCO Photos, Flickr.

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