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Safeture Customer Support

Where can I send suggestions or complaints?2017-04-07T15:01:23+02:00

Feel free to contact us at support@globalwarningsystem.com

Can I use Safeture Pro while abroad and not be charged for roaming?2017-04-07T15:00:44+02:00

No, GWS Safeture Pro does not require roaming in itself, but obviously increases the precision of positioning when roaming and data is on. Users must then decide if it is necessary. Additional costs may occur in relation to the level of security coverage which may be relevant based on the user.

What languages are available in-app?2017-04-07T15:05:58+02:00

The basic information on the Country Information pages are available in English, Danish, German, Spanish, Chinese (simplified), Italian, Czech and Polish. An additional 90 languages are available through automated machine translation.

What governments does GWS have links with?2017-04-07T14:57:57+02:00

GWS Safeture Pro is not connected to any government, but collect information from, amongst other, government agencies and organizations.

Can Safeture Pro protect against terrorist attacks?2017-04-07T14:56:06+02:00

GWS Safeture Pro cannot protect you from attacks, but by informing about events Safeture Pro can help to avoid an area hit by an attack. It’s unfortunately not uncommon that they take place in several places in a shorter period of time, which we last saw in Copenhagen and Paris.

How quickly can you guarantee that I will receive alerts?2017-04-07T15:06:24+02:00

The speed depends on the nature of the message and how reliable the sources are so it varies from case to case. GWS Safeture Pro delivers rapid local information on natural disasters, terrorist attacks, civil unrest, epidemic outbreaks, traffic incidents and other threats faced by international travellers. GWS Safeture Pro is dependent on mobile infrastructure, but we always use dual-channel (IP and SMS) for important messages.

How do you guarantee that the information is correct?2017-04-07T14:53:06+02:00

GWS has a number of experts in security and risk assessments who validate all the information and we use more alternative sources to validate the sources. We rate the sources on credibility and relevance continuously and our experts make the final assessment based on an algorithm that helps us to sift and evaluate.

How many countries do you send alerts for?2017-04-07T14:48:50+02:00

We gather information for 196 countries and several additional dependencies and non-sovereign nations from thousands of sources around the clock.

Which sources do you use?2017-04-07T14:47:46+02:00

Sources are spread over a large number of areas:

  • News (International and Regional)
  • Seismological institutes
  • Meteorological agencies
  • Department of Foreign Affairs
  • Other Government Agencies
  • Social Networks and forums (Crowdsourcing)
  • Aid organizations and other NGO’s
  • Meta Data Aggregation
  • Health and Disease Surveyors
  • Strategic Partners
How do you check the incident information?2017-04-07T14:45:48+02:00

The information is reviewed and evaluated 24/7/365 by GWS experts and partners after which the relevant information is distributed to the users. We rate the sources on credibility and relevance continuously and our experts make the final assessment based on an advanced algorithm that helps us to sift and evaluate.

What do you do with my data and how long is it stored?2017-04-07T14:44:55+02:00

All data generated is stored in servers located in Sweden. Data is stored in stored three months before it is anonymized and all personal information deleted. GWS has very strict access rules around information access and advanced level of IT security protection.

How do you protect customer privacy?2017-04-07T14:43:48+02:00

GWS meets the stringent requirements in accordance with the Swedish Personal Data Act (Personuppgiftslagen; 1998:204) and adheres to the strict regulations covering information access and IT security.

What do the different alert ratings mean?2017-04-07T14:42:38+02:00
  • Red alerts indicate an immediate or serious threat to your security or health.
  • Yellow alerts denote events or threats that could occur in a few days or have occurred recently.
  • Green alerts represent ‘useful to know’ information such as transport disruption, small protests or updates to earlier incidents/warnings.
I’ve received some alerts as SMS and others as a notification, why is that?2017-04-07T14:43:01+02:00

We always send out red alerts as SMS, as well as data notifications, to the people in the affected region / country. We also send some amber and green alerts as SMS if we deem them particularly useful or if we have not sent information to that user recently. While we avoid sending to many messages to app users, our clients have found it useful to receive alerts via SMS even if they are not urgent. We can tailor the use of SMS alerts to the client’s preferences. 

How does the tracking work?2017-04-07T14:39:29+02:00

Our unique location reporting system integrates two main data sources:

  • The smartphones built-in global navigation satellite system (GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou)
  • Network information e.g. routing and roaming information, base station information, Wi-Fi hotspots

We combine datasets and sources in order to maximise coverage. We take the pathway of the information as it travels through the telecoms system to get a more accurate result.

Is dual sim supported?2017-04-07T14:38:52+02:00

No, but a solution to this is currently being developed.

Is it possible to turn off exact positioning?2017-04-07T14:38:12+02:00

Yes. This is done by switching Privacy mode on/off.

Can I swap sim cards without reinstalling the app?2017-04-07T14:37:04+02:00


Any switch of SIM card is automatically detected by the app. Then new SIM card data is automatically sent back to our server from the Android platforms, but on iOS the user needs to approve sending an auto-generated SMS before updating in our server.

How much data does the app use in a day?2017-04-07T14:31:18+02:00

Our experience show that the amount of data we send to the App is approximately 0,5 Mbyte / month (16kb /day). The data sent depend on a lot of factors including how much the App user move, what app platform is used, how many alerts are issued and so forth. Note that this figure is without network overhead (like HTTP headers). It is difficult to estimate the size of HTTP headers, but this is larger than the amount of data for sure.

Which phones can I use the app on?2017-04-07T14:29:51+02:00

To function correctly, the app must be used on a phone with one of the following operating systems:

  • iPhone iOS version 8 and up
  • Android version 4 and up
  • Windows Phone 8 and up
  • Blackberry 10.2.1


I can’t activate my app, what should I do?2017-04-07T15:07:06+02:00

Contact GWS support at support@globalwarningsystem.com

My app isn’t working, what should I do?2017-04-07T15:08:24+02:00

Contact GWS support at support@globalwarningsystem.com

How do I install the app?2017-04-07T14:09:23+02:00

How to install Safeture Pro:

  1. Open link:  https://g.safeture.com/app on your phone or search for ‘Safeture Pro’ on App Store/Google Play.
  2. After downloading the app, you will need to ‘Sign up’.
  3. After that, you’ll be asked for your organizations subscription-ID*. You will also find the subscription-ID in the invite SMS that has been sent to you.
  4. Register your number via SMS when asked by the app.

* Ask supervisor for subscription-ID

What are the main features of Safeture Pro?2017-04-07T14:18:41+02:00

Safeture Pro Features:

  • Direct push notifications
  • SMS alerts
  • GDS integration
  • Offline content
  • Country risk ratings
  • General country information
  • Emergency services
  • SOS capability
  • Auto translate
  • Multiple platforms
  • real-time tracking
  • Geo-positioning 

Do you have any questions for our customer support team?

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