GWS Production: We make travelling safer

Safeture Solutions: Real-time security alerts for business travellers.

The Safeture App

Sending travel security alerts in real-time.

Safeture sends two types of alerts: for low-risk incidents, users receive a push notification in-app, and for high-risk events, an SMS is sent. Our technology keeps pushing alerts through until they are received, no matter where our users are in the world.

GWS uses geo-positioning technology to ensure users receive relevant alerts. No need to update app settings for your next trip, Safeture sends alerts based on your location.

In a new country and unsure of the emergency numbers? Safeture updates SOS numbers depending on your location.

Safeture’s static content is available in different languages, and our alerts are sent in English.

Organizations can also add their own information, which is displayed in-app to their users.

Read our pre-departure advice for safety, travel and health before you go.


Safeture Go: for small companies with big ideas
Safeture Pro: for globally minded organisations
Safeture Flow: A SDK solution for your app

A tool to connect with your global staff

Travel Management Platform

Value adding to your Duty-of-Care platform

Safeture is supported by our Travel Management Platform; see where your staff are in the world, the risks they face and communicate with them directly.

Provide staff with correct pre-departure information days before their next business trip.

Organisations can invite and activate new users, and send personalized messages.

View the incidents feed for the whole world, or personalise the feed to where your staff are.

Integrated Travel booking

GWS’s travel booking system keeps companies in touch with their travelling staff. All booked flight and hotel information is automatically added to the platform and will appear in-app. Allowing your staff to focus on their work.



Travel Management

 All the tools you need for your travel risk management.

GWS is a company creating new technology, with the purpose of saving lives. Our global risk management platform provides the latest risk overview, security updates and travel assistance. Coupled with Safeture, our travel safety and security app that delivers 24/7, real-time, travel security alerts. 

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