Safeture for Telecom 

Add more value to your subscription service. 

Safeture uses patented technology to deliver real-time travel risk warnings. Our travel security app enables users to stay informed on incidents affecting their daily life via their mobile phones. Our service can easily be integrated into any mobile network or service, and encourages users to use their phone while abroad.


Safeture is a modern communication and positioning application that is changing travel security. Through the mobile networks our app can deliver safety and health information to residents and travelers. Providing tracking, warnings, security information, and SOS capability.

There are a number of benefits for mobile operators, including, the ability to help telecom providers to create a caring market profile and deliver a high level of social responsibility.

Safeture is a simple, low cost and efficient way for operators to add an ‘off the shelf’ value added service to grow ARPU through increased data and roaming use.

Our app is designed to keep users safe with up-to-date travel information, and gives a reason for users to keep data and roaming on. We also provide flexible OTT or operator centric implementation with custom branding.

Through Safeture, Mobile Operators are able to capitalize on the growing global roaming and data market. Safeture drives international phone usage and attracts international mobile users that like to stay safe.

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