Tsunamis are a series of large ocean waves generated by major earthquakes beneath the ocean floor or major landslides into the ocean. When the waves enter shallow water, the wave can rise in height and make landfall with devastating force.

Travelers to coastal areas should research in advance if they are going to an earthquake prone area, as they can occur at any time of year. A tsunami could arrive within minutes after a severe earthquake, and the danger period can continue for many hours after a major earthquake.

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Signs of a tsunami:

• A strong earthquake lasting 20 seconds or more near the coast.
• A noticeable rapid rise or fall in coastal waters.

If you are in a coastal area and feel an earthquake that lasts 20 seconds or longer:

• Drop, cover and hold on. You should first protect yourself from the earthquake
• When the shaking stops move quickly to higher ground away from the coast. A tsunami can hit within minutes.
• Avoid downed power lines and stay away from buildings and bridges.

What to Do During a Tsunami Watch

• Follow this safety service if you don’t know the local language, or tune into an emergency frequency station, local radio station, or television station.
• Review evacuation plans, you should be ready to move quickly if a tsunami warning is issued.

What to Do During a Tsunami Warning

• If you hear an official tsunami warning or detect signs of a tsunami, evacuate at once.
• Get to higher ground as far inland as possible. Watching a tsunami could put you in grave danger. If you can see the wave, you are too close to escape it.

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