Safeture for Travel Managers and TMCs

Travel Risk Management made simple.

Safeture Pro is made for travel management. Our app and management platform are communicative tools designed to keep your staff informed and safe while traveling. GWS addresses the growing travel security challenge and provides a solution.

For Travel Managers and TMCs we provide increased traveler security. Our app and management platform provides global alerts, warnings, traveler tracking and crisis management tools.

The web-based interface connects users directly to the security department within your organisation. Our platform allows access to structured overviews, and the tracking of traveling employees in real-time. Plus, the ability to send messages to pre-determined groups to ensure that the right user gets the right message.

GWS has the technology to deliver essential content. Organisations can send internal company information, such as, local office address, taxis and hotels, and corporate country information in a SMS when a user arrives in a new country.

With our service you can differentiate, stand out and excel in a highly competitive travel management industry. Ensure your customers are satisfied whilst traveling, leading to an enhanced customer experience and loyalty.

Our travel management platform provides a customizable feed of all incidents, and with one click users can see where their traveling employees are, and what risks they face.

Our technology keeps pushing alerts out until it has been received. Ensure you have reached your duty-of-care requirements by seeing if a message has been received and read.


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